DentalScout Verified (Our Promise)

We want to ensure patients get the best dental work possible. So much so, we have visited every office and vetted each one with a list of criteria each practice must meet to be a part of the DentalScout network.

Vetted dentists

It all starts with an office visit

We personally meet the dentist and their staff and get sense of who they are as people. During our visits, we ask a list of questions to ensure they are aligned with our requirements and will be a good option for you!

Experts and Sole Owners

We only allow dentists who own their practices and are not apart of a large corporation or dental service organizations (DSO). Why do we do this? We believe dentists who own their practice overall provide better care and can treat patients to their exact needs.

Solo practices
Highly rated dentists

Peer Reviewed and Highly Rated

It is hard to know who knows dental better than other professionals. Each office has been peer reviewed by fellow industry experts and receive great reviews from the public before they can join our network!

Are you a dentist that meets these requirements?

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Trusted and in Compliance

It’s important to have a dental license and follow all current regulations. This means no history of misconduct or malpractice, which is why we always make sure every dentist has both before joining our network!

modern dentistry

Clean and Modern Practices

The importance of cleanliness cannot be overstated, and dental practices must maintain a level throughout the office while utilizing update-to date modern practices. 

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