Why You Should Choose a HIPAA Aware Dentist

Why You Should Choose a HIPAA Aware Dental Office

In a world of ever-increasing technology, the convenience of choosing a HIPAA dentist, accessing medical records, sharing diagnostic imaging, and creating treatment plans online has never been easier. On the contrary, data breaches of online personal information have become harder to prevent. 

It is your right as a patient to understand what HIPAA is, how it could affect you, and why it is important to choose a dental office that takes action to protect your personal information and peace of mind.

What is HIPAA?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 is a federal law created to protect private patient health information from being shared without the patient’s consent.

It consists of 3 rules:

  • The Privacy rule specifies which data is protected and who must follow HIPAA standards
  • The Security rule specifies how this data will be stored and safeguarded
  • The Breach Notification rule which requires an entity to alert the affected patient of a potential data breach. 

Does HIPAA Apply to Dentists?

Yes. Dentists must protect Patient’s “PHI” (Protected Health Information) to very strict HIPAA Privacy & Security Standards. This applies especially facilities that use paper communication, electronic communication (computers) and internet activities. Since 2010, The US Department of Health and Human Service (www.hhs.gov) required “hi-tech policies” be observed within all healthcare settings in the USA.

Why Does it Affect Me?

A breach of patient data could include information such as home address, social security numbers, birth date, gender, medical prescriptions, insurance and financial information, and even family members information. You want to be confident the dentist you visit is adhering the HIPAA protocols. A visit the the dentist should never lead to identity theft!

Choosing a HIPAA Provider in Dental

Now that you know what HIPAA is and why it is important. We look at the important of choosing a health care provider that takes action to protect your personal data. The majority of all medical records are online and it’s only increasing. Dental practices should have a dedicated I.T. solutions provider that is focused on security. A Professional IT company will be able to look a the integrity of online practices to ensure patient data is not stolen.

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According to HIPAA Journal statistics, over 2,100 hospitals in the United States have had data breaches of patient information from 2016 to 2020. 78 million medical records have been breached since 2008, with a 25% increase in 2020 alone. Ask your Dentist today what they do to protect your personal data! 

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